FAQ - Inserting content

Inserting Photos / Positioning Photos
Click on the photos button in the tool bar...

Positioning images on single plain pages
There are 2 main ways to position an image, read on

Page Introduction and Page Footer
How do I enter comments in the page introduction and page footer?

Inserting Links.
Highlight the text to be linked (underlined), then select the appropriate link type from the link dropdown box in the editor toolbar.

Inserting Tables / Columns / Background Colours.
The table wizard can be used to make tabular fomatted information, like financial charts, or to just have an area with a different background colour.

Adding a calendar
You can add a calendar to any website page by doing the following:

How do I create an image link, or upload a linked advert?
Linking images The best way is to specify a URL from the available options while you are inserting the image.

How do I embed or insert a map (or other dynamic content) in to my page?
How do I embed or insert a movable zoomable map (or other dynamic content) in to my page? Maps, weather widgets etc

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