FAQ - Advanced APIs / Add ons

How to import products from a CSV file spreadsheet into your Shopping Cart
EDI - Data export and import. This advanced feature enables you to import product lists from third parties or from your accounting system. This feature is an advanced feature, intended for very technical users and is not provided with any warranty nor free support. We suggest you only attempt use on a new or trial site, and do not use without training on a site with an existing product inventory

Exporting product info from MYOB
You can export your product information straight out of MYOB into the Content Management System.

Ordering products offline
What to do when customers want to order products offline

Restricting orders to specific countries
The shopping cart can be restricted to delivering orders to the countries of your choice

Importing orders to my accounting system.
You can now import orders directly into the Xero accounting system to make doing GST returns much faster.

Selling digital media (like PDFs)
Learn how to sell digital media, such as PDF files and other formats

Fastway Couriers Integration
You can now integrate with Fastway couriers API for more focused freight pricing and printing of labels.

Address Label Printing
Steps to follow to download order data and print address labels using templates.

NZ Couriers Integration
Your shopping cart can be integrated with NZ Couriers, streamlining your ordering and delivery process. Follow these instructions to learn how your orders can automatically generate and print delivery dockets.

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