FAQ - Page Basics

How do I add a new page?
This example shows you how to add a new web page to your existing website

What kind of page template should I use?
We have a large selection of pre-formatted pages ready to go for whatever purpose you might need. Here is an explanation of some of the most useful

Removing or deleting a page
How do I remove a page?

Setting your homepage
How do you choose which page appears when someone arrives at your site?

What can I use a single plain pages for?
Here is a brief introduction to single plain pages - the general purpose workhorse of many websites.

Hidden Pages and Password Protected Pages
How do I make a page hidden? Whats the different between hidden from menu and hidden from everyone? How hidden are the pages?

Hiding default page headings
When you add a new page button, the button name automatically becomes the Page Title. To delete or rename this title...

Changing the page layout
If you want to change the layout of a page there are a couple of places to do it

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