FAQ - Bulk Email

What is the bulk emailer?
Our emailer system enables you to send emails to your mailing list. Your mailing list is managed on our server, allowing people to subscribe or unsubscribe, this gives you the advantage of

Where is the Bulk Emailer?
Login to your CMS, click on the green button on the top left "View Members". This is how you can manage your mailing list. From here you will see links referencing the bulk emailer

Creating an Email Template / Email Tags
How our system works is that you can either creating a new email with our default template or "repeat/copy" from a previously sent email, using it as your template

How to Send Newsletters to a Mailing List
In order to send your newsletter to your mailing list, follow this procedure.

Test your newsletters - Formatting Issues (MS Outlook)
Please test your emails on multiple email clients, to ensure your emails look good on all devices, on all apps, in all web mail clients etc. Learn how to format your emails for the most widespread readability and professional layout.

Bulk Emailer Stats and Issues
What can and can't be done with our emailer, technically speaking

Opt in / Opt Out / Collecting email addresses
What are the rules for collecting email addresses. Do I need to provide an opt-in or opt-out address? What about anti-spam laws?

Mailing List - Importing an existing list
Can my pre-existing mailing list integrate with the content management system's members database?

Failed Senders
Our system automatically detects most failed senders, however, every now and again it also sees perfectly valid email addresses as a fail, learn more..

Annoying popup subscribe boxes
Learn how to make those annoying popup subscribe boxes

Unsubscribe links and other unsubscribe considerations

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