FAQ - Uploading Photos

How to upload a photo
Here is the procedure for uploading images to your website.

Uploading photos in bulk
Here's how to bulk upload your photos to your website.

Set custom image dimensions & auto cropping
Each gallery page can now have its image dimensions and cropping rules set per-page

Thumbnails don't update when i change photos
If you upload a different photo with the same filename, then the thumbnail will not be regenerated. Either use a different filename for photo changes, or click the "regenerate thumbnails" option after publishing.

I can't upload photos why?
Possibly because you have a popup blocker. Or otherwise your files may be corrupt or incorrectly named, or you using a non standard web browser. read on

How to Check your Filespace Usage
Here is how to check how much filespace you are using.

I get a "demo only" message when uploading my photos, why?
It means you have been logged out and will need to log back in

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